How to migrate from hassio to docker

I have a working installation of HASSIO on raspbian. Would it be possible to migrate to a docker container always on raspbian? Has anyone already succeeded?

The term HASSIO is not valid anymore. What you have now is Home Assistant OS. See here for a good overview for different install methods.

You are already using docker currently (all installation methods, except for Home Assistant Core use docker), all your add-ons are docker containers.

If I understand you correctly you want to keep all add-ons etc but have Raspbian as the base OS instead of the Home Assistant OS, right? May I ask why you want to do this? For your information, if you want to do this to install other things on the Pi as well, this will not be officially supported (meaning you can’t complaim to the devs that something is not working), Home Assistant only provides official support if you only use the machine for Home Assistant and nothing else and the base OS needs to be Debian.

If you still want to do this, make a snapshot from your current system. Install Raspberry Pi OS (formerly called raspbian) and Home Assistant following this guide. Upload your snapshot and you should be good to go.

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Thank you very much Burningstone. You clarified my ideas. I wanted to make Rpi do other things too but the advantages of Home Assistant are indispensable. Thanks