How to mimic group.all_* in 0.104

Hi all,

Today I upgraded to 0.104 which breaks support for group.all_* entities.

This gives me a challenge since i’ve been using this nice piece of configuration for a few years now:

      - type: glance
        title: Home Assistant
          - group.all_switches
          - group.all_lights
          - sensor.presence
          - group.all_scripts
          - group.all_automations

I use this button (especially all_scripts & all_automations) to sometimes run a script on demand or turn on/off automations (disable opening shutters & curtains when we have guests in our guestroom who are staying over for example). I am wondering how I can get this functionality back. Is there a way to mimic this behaviour?

Thanks in advance.

Kind regards,
Rob Hofmann

This might help you.

Just came across this this morning and I’m already rewriting a bunch of stuff with what I’ve learned here.

Thank you for taking the time to document this.
It sure saved a lot of time this morning.

It’s not my doing… it’s all /u/petro… I just stumbled across his solution while trying to solve my own problem. :smiley:

Just helping cut corners when I can! :stuck_out_tongue:

Im still not sure how this works if you want to use this in ui-lovelace.yaml. Can you elaborate on this?

This won’t solve your problem. You’re trying to get a lovelace page with a glance of which items are on or off?

Yes. But I just found out that the thing that I need is located under the Configuration menutab. Theres lists for Automations & Scripts where you can enable/disable automations and run scripts. This is already what I need.

So this is not needed anymore!

Thanks for thinking along with me!

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