How to modify homeassitant container to include docker.sock?

I have rebuilt my HA (supervised) on Debian and it running in a Docker container.
Now, I wanted to do something like this, so that I can reference containers from HA and control their state:
Is it possible to modify homeassistant container to include docker.sock as another volume?
I have also installed Portainer addon from HA itself and it can see my containers that I created outside of HA.
So in theory it should be able to access them?

Yes, and it is documented in the integration instructions. I just saw that this morning.

do you mind sharing? I keep searching but cannot find how to do it

It shows when you install in HACS ot in the repo.

  • If applicable, add the volume /var/run/docker.sock to your Home Assistant container.

This is the part that I don’t know how to do =) this is what I was asking - how to add another volume to an already created container

How are you running the container now? Did you use Docker run or Docker compose?

I can use either, but I had HA install via the script, so don’t even know where the files are that call it =) maybe it’s in the supervisor and that why it was mentioned that it may not be possible. I can see the volumes and all but if I make a clone with an extra volume it may not work

What script?

as per the official guide

@kanga_who could best answer your question since he wrote the script.

I didn’t write the script, I just forked it when Supervised being discontinued was announced.

As far as what you want to do @fokcuk, I’ve got no idea sorry, It’s not something I’ve ever had the need or want to do.

thanks, guys

So, you are not running Home Assistant container. You are running Home Assistant Supervised.

That is officially only supported on a vanilla Debian installation with no added services or software. That was the compromise reached with the community when it was announced it was going to be discontinued. There is a long thread here about that. The script is available for you to figure our self support if you wish. I do not think anybody here has done tthat.

I suggest you modify the port (or get it modified by a moderator) to point to the official installer. It provides useful information but it appears your install script copy is not (yet?) needed.

it is running supervised under vanilla Debian. I only run custom apps in Docker containers - I just had issues with them while running HAOS on Alpine. I can see my custom docker containers under HA Portainer plugin. All I want to do is be able to start/stop them from HA, so that if they crash, I can re start them remotely, without jumping onto console

From the discussions I remember in the thread, that is not considered by them as vanilla Debian since it is running other containers. They developers were trying to reduce the support load of the main person supporting Supervised & Home Assistant Image.

Perhaps the developer of that custom component has some ideas for you.

Try this guide and used my container…

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legend! This is exactly what I need!

My fork is in essence identical to the official script with only a minor change to the initial warning instructions given by HA.

Whenever an update is pushed, I test the official script update on my test machine, then make the changes to my version, normally within 24 hours.

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OK, that works too.