How to move Sonoff ZBBridge to a new home assistant instance

Hi everybody,

at the moment I am using a home assistant docker installation connected to a sonoff ZBBrige Zigbee controller via IP address. I have round about 40 devices paired.

Now my installation isn’t the most stable and I want so switch to hassos. I setup a vm and installed everything. All integrations are working fine and now I am facing the point to move my sonoff bridge to the new installation.

What is the best way to do that without having to pair every device again?
Is the any file to copy over? I tried to just configure the integration on the new home assiant but that didn’t seem to work. Maybe because the old instance is still running?

Any ideas are welcome.



Yes, it’s possible if you snapshot it and restore it fully.
But back it up first to be safe.

I read this post as if you are moving within a home assistant instance but to a new sonoff bridge.
My setup is exactly the other way around. Is this still the way to go?

Are you starting from scratch or restoring old HA from snapshot?

I started from scratch

If you are starting from scratch, I think you will need to copy the entire folder and file of-

  1. /config/.storage (this one is hidden - so you’ll need to install Samba Share)
  2. /config/zigbee.db

Be very careful as “.storage” folder are not supposed to be manually edited and copied as it can sometimes break HA. Be sure to fully snapshot your current HA before doing this.

Goodluck :slight_smile:

This actually worked really well. Thank you for pointing out the /config/.storage
I didn’t need all files inside the folder since I had allready added everything else but I needed to copy the and the zigbee.db

Now all sensors are working fine - only thing is that they lost their custom name. But renaming is not nearly as much pain as pairing everything.

Thanks a lot.

Yes, because / does not contain names of the devices. The ZHA paired devices’ names are stored in /core.device_registry.

Glad it worked out well for you :slight_smile: