How to remove 1 reading in the energy dashboard


yesterday, my neo coolcam smartplug (z-wave) have 1 false reading, where it did send a kWh reading of 282.866,42 kWh, after this 1 bad reading it reported normal reading again. (that’s more then I use in 40+ years on the whole house)

but how do I delete that 1 bad reading ? my dashboard will reflect this bad reading when I use the month/year view ???

How have you installed home assistant and what are you using for the recorder integration?

Using the MyPHPAdmin addon I was able to delete readings from the statistics table in MariaDB - I had help with the SQL query though so unless you want to scroll through 1000s of reading you may need help with that.

MariaDB like you.

Do you you have the SQL query still ? i’m no sql expert :slight_smile:

Well never mind, found the record, the MAX value it the only one with that many digits :slight_smile: Did you change the values, or delete the record ?


I also changed some unit_of _measurement that were messing things up.

Thanks for the help

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I spoke to soon…

The bad reading is gone in the DB, but still shows up in the energy dashboard, this cut is “last week”

Michael, did you end up fixing this? I’m in a similar position and need to delete a record from showing in the energy dashboard.

Yes, I found this…


Great thanks. I ended up finding this post which is essentially the same as yours but with a few extra details. Linking it here for anyone who might find this and want extra details:


Hm, this doesn’t seem to work for me. I’m deleting a single day but the wrongfully accumulated data just moves one day ahead. If I delete the 2nd of sep it shifts over to the 3rd and so on. Wanna avoid deleting the whole database just because on day of measurement went haywire :frowning: