How to rotate a camera view in a `Picture Glance Card`?

I’m using an ESP32cam of which the feed is displayed through a Picture Glace Card in Lovelace
I want to rotate the view by 90degrees.
I found in the documentation (here: a reference point to a CSS Filter
However, I can’t put 1 and 1 together (iow: I’m not smart enough to understand what they mean)
Could anyone please give me a pointer to what I should change to rotate the following with 90deg?
The UI generated this code for me:

type: picture-glance
title: westCam2
  - entity: light.westcam2_light
  - entity: binary_sensor.westcam2_pir
  - entity: sensor.westcam2_wifi_signal
  - entity: sensor.westcam2_temp_cpu
  - entity: switch.westcam2_fan
camera_image: camera.westcam2
entity: light.westcam2_light
camera_view: live
  action: toggle

thank you so much for any tips,

Card Mod maybe?