How to run an addon in a docker

I use hass core so I don’t have supervisor, I want to try out the rtl433 Bridge addon but I’m not sure how to go about it, is there a docker compose I could use? I run hass under a docker on my unraid machine.


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add-on are containers
what you need?
a mqtt container : and to install it in home-assistant

then u need another container “rtl_433” i don t know wich one or how work the “rtl_433” but if it have a web front end u can add it to hassio with iframe

Hmmmm… I’m not entirely sure off the top of my head. Technically, this add-on is just a docker container built from a Dockerfile ( It does rely on a variable being passed by the supervisor (, but that shouldn’t be a problem to replicate.

Do you run any other HA add-ons on your setup? If you give me an example of an add-on that you figured out how to run in your setup, I’ll try to figure out how to do the same for this one.

UPDATE: I just read this thread, and it looks like unless you installed “HA supervised” under Docker, you can’t directly use add-ons. Confusing, but what you gonna do… Thinking about it more, it’s totally doable to run this in a standalone docker container using a slightly modified Dockerfile, because it doesn’t rely on anything important from HA.

well, addon are containers for hassio with some environnement variables and labels for hassio security.
but there are made from ‘clean/original container’.
I use zigbee2mqtt,mqtt,lms,emby,portainer,esphome…but it"s not ‘hassio addons containers’…but traditional/original containers…
ex: mqtt
then, i import their web-ui with “iframe_panel” (mqtt doesn’t have a web-ui)
i never tryied an ‘hassio addon container’ without superviser installed.maybe it works!

I searched docker hub and found several options so I think that’s the solution.