How to send percentage values via "knx.send" service?

Yes i have the same here, but bought my first hue lights for 2 weeks so i didn’t do anything with the colors untill now

But those lights ara a lot cheaper then the theben dmg2t dimmers i used untill now :wink:

update - got it working - at least somewhat. I can see the current hue value (color) in my KNX switches and can also change the color via the KNX switches. But at some point the KNX component of HA just dies for yet unknown reasons. Once I found a fix for this, I’ll share my code.

I think I solved the issue. Try this new app

nice, i’m gonna try it this week!

maybe hang on a bit, looks like I messed up KNX->HUE direction when I cleaned up the code (was already working). Will test tonight and publish a new version

Hello Da-anda, did you manage to find the bug and update your app for color function ? Thanks a lot !

I think so. This is what I’m running for some time now. But since I barely change the color via the switch (it’s more convenient from within HA on my phone while on the couch :slight_smile: ) I can’t say if the issues are entirely gone now. But feel free to test my latest version:

In order to get it working, you also need the according xknx configuration mentioned in this post

Thank you very much for your super fast answer

I have a working xknx configuration (i can turn a knx light on/off from HA, and HA sees the status when I turn the same light on/off from a knx switch).

I did add to the configuration :

fire_event: true
fire_event_filter: ["11/*/*"] # in my case

I added your application to AppDaemon/apps folder and edited the apps.yaml with :

  module: hue2knx
  class: Hue2Knx
  entity: 'light.lampe_iris'
  toggleAddress: '11/0/1'
  dimmAddress: '11/1/1'
  brightnessAddress: '11/2/1'
  hueAddress: '11/3/1'
  saturationAddress: '11/3/101'
  stateAddress: '11/4/1'
  hueStateAddress: '11/6/1'
  saturationStateAddress: '11/6/101'

The AppDaemon UI shows that “hue2knx_light1” is “loaded”, but sending a telegram to 11/0/1 with “ON” does nothing.

Do you have any idea what I am doing wrong ? Is there a way in HA to check that the telegram is received correctly ? (I am still quite new here :p)

Best regards, Laurent

I suppose you have restarted HomeAssistant after you changed the xknx config? If so, you should be able to monitor the knx event in the dev tools of your HA installation.

DeveloperTools -> Events -> Listen to event "knx_event"

once you listen and fire something on the KNX bus, you should see the event showing up there.

But I just noticed that the color change seems to be broken as of recently. Could be related to either the Hue bridge update, slightly moved location of the bridge or some change in xknx. Anyway, there is now a huuuuge delay between KNX action and the HUE bulb performing it. Dimming a light sucks as it is now for me (wasn’t perfect before, but it’s terrible now). But since I don’t use it much anymore, I won’t spend time on it atm. I will try to help and answer any questions though and maybe it’s working better for you.

Thanks you da-anda, the telegram is properly received by HA, but for some reason nothing happen. That may be linked to the recent break that you are talking bout.
Anyway thank you very much for your help, I guess that we will need to find a different method in the future.

you should still be able to turn the HUE lights on and off and even dim them with the KNX switches. That at least is still working for me atm. That nothing is happening at all for you is quite odd though. Do you see anything in the logfile?

No I see nothing in the logs, dunno want’s wrong, but if color is broken maybe it’s easier for me to use automation for the few Hue lights that I have. Thank you very much for your help anyway, and if one day you update your code do not hesitate to share, it’s always appreciated :wink:
Best regards !

Hi da-anda,

Since i setup my home assistant again i cannot get the dimming from my glastaster work anymore
do you have a newer version of you code thats compatible with appdeamon 4 maybe?

Hi. Sorry, haven’t messed with this script for ages, and don’t really dim via KNX anymore, so can’t say if it’s still working on my end. AFAIK HA has some new features that might help making this thing better, but don’t really have the time to look into it right now. Maybe over the holidays.

Hi no problem, but if you have the time i will apreciate it :wink:
Use the script on the toilet and bathroom to switch the hue lights over the knx motion sensors and thats still working perfectly without to many automations in my config!!

First of all my respect for the great work who has been done and shared here.
I’ve been able to quickly link my KNX laboratory buttons to my Hue landscape.

On/off is working fine. Dimming is functional, but quit confusing.
With my switch (MDT Glastaster 2) I can dim up/down a Hue lamp. The light brightness is pushed back to the KNX bus and shown on the switch. So far so great.

But: When I press and hold the dim up/down button, the dim action is done from 0 to 100% (and vice versa) The action is going on even when I release the button immediate after dimming has started.
The lamp is carrying out the dim action and is fading up/down completly.

my apps.yaml code

  module: hue2knx
  class: Hue2Knx
  entity: 'light.filament_tv'
  toggleAddress: '1/1/3'
  dimmAddress: '1/2/3'
  stateAddress: '1/4/3'
  brightnessAddress: '1/4/4'

Anyone with an idear what could be wrong on my setup?

Cheers, Daniel

I’ve never used hue2knx nor Appdaemon but you can use “standard” HA automations and knx expose setup to do this.
Blueprint for dimming with DPT3: KNX - relative dimming for lights
KNX Expose: KNX - Home Assistant

    - type: percentU8
      entity_id: light.filament_tv
      attribute: brightness
      default: 0
      address: "1/4/4"

Hi farmio,
many thanks for the hint to your Blueprint. Imported it, added the toggle and dim adresses and added your expose code.
Et voila a working Hue light dimmer on the MDT Glastaster 2 within minutes.
Many thanks.

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@farmio do you know if exposing the light color to KNX is also working via a simple expose knx config? My (rather clunky) script does handle that as well, not very good though since despite my efforts step repetition seems to queue up and continue to fire even after you released the button. But since I barely dim nor change the color via KNX these days, I simply haven’t found any motivation to spend more time on this app-deamon script.

No, color has no sensor-Type you could use. An automation with a template creating the raw value to be sent by knx.send could work almost like an exposure.