How to set specific descovered device on the front panel

Hi all,

A bit new here and would like some help please?

I have been using for a while now, got everything set up as I want, SSH, Samba, Let’s Encrypt (was a bit of a hassle) and I can see all my Hue and Z-Wave devices via the ‘discover’ setting in the config YMAL file. I even linked up my MJPEG webcam, which is pretty cool - what a fantastic platform - well done to all at HASS.IO!

I have now reached a point where I would like to customise the front panel, with the eventual goal to remove the ‘discover’ element. From my research, I found that I need to use the ‘customise:’ element in the YMAL file, but I am having real difficulty getting this right and I am liking for some assistance please?

From the ‘<>’ section on the front interface, I can see all the devices listed, and for starters, I have a device called:


My understanding is to have the following:

Under the localisation bit, add in ‘customize:’ with two spaces before it, then this is where I get stuck!

My question is, how do I list an existing zwave switch in the main panel, seems that whatever I try, I break it!

Any helps will be appreciated!


If the Zwave switch doesn’t show up in the main panel, customize won’t fix that. What is the switch? Brand and model? Does it show up in the Zwave list?

When I go into the ‘States’ option under developer tools, I can see the following:

Entity: State
switch.wenzhou_tkb_control_system_tz68_onoff_switch_socket_switch on

With the folloing attributes:

node_id: 2
value_index: 0
value_instance: 1
old_entity_id: switch.wenzhou_tkb_control_system_tz68_onoff_switch_socket_switch_2_0
new_entity_id: switch.wenzhou_tkb_control_system_tz68_onoff_switch_socket_switch
friendly_name: Wenzhou TKB Control System TZ68 On/Off Switch Socket Switch

All I want to do is add it to the main panel as a single entity so I can disable the auto discover option in the main YAML file.

At the moment I have a bucket load of stuff auto discovered I do not want on the main panel.

Note that I can see a ‘frame’ in the main panel that is called ‘Zwave’ with all four Zwave items in it, an “Aeotec DSA02203 Z-Stick S2” and two switched and a dead device (the dead device I am expecting) - and I can switch these on/off, so all working - it is just specifying a specific one I am having serious trouble with.

The one you are “having serious trouble with” shows up as a switch that you can turn on and off?

OK, so on the main panel, I have two ‘frame/groups’, one calles ‘Zwave’ with all four devices listed (USB stick, dead device and two wall plug switches) and a second ‘frame/group’ called ‘Switch’, with the two Zwave wall plug in switches listed - on this ‘frame/group’ called ‘Switch’ I can toggle the switches on and off, so I know it is working fine. So yes, I can turn the wall plug switches on and off, as expected.

The Zwave devices are all auto discoverd and this autodiscover is what I want to disable, so it does not list them all, but somehow I will need to specify the wall switches on the main panel in a ‘frame/group’ otherwise it will be blank.

So, how do you specify a Zwave switch in the main panel and have it show up in the main panel with the ‘discovery:’ removed/commented out?

If I understand you correctly you don’t want to display all your devices on your front screen as it gets cluttered?
In that case you should look at this thread Hide components on home screen
I would not get rid of the “discover” function as that will make your life much more difficult. If you do that you will need to specify all your devices independently which is a lot of effort, and as it is done by device type (eg all hue, all zwave) will in the end still give you the original issue I think

OK, I might be barking up the wrong tree here - If I disable/comment out the ‘discovery’ setting in the configuration.yaml file, I only loose all my Hue devices and Yamaha AV receiver in the lounge, everything else is still there, Zwave devices, Zwave switches !! Is that right? I know the MJPEG camera should show up since I specified it, so obviously the Zwave devices are not part of the discovery process.

So, how do I remove the ‘frame/group’ called ‘Zwave’ and move/edit the ‘frame/group’ called ‘Switch’ created as part of the Zwave addition?

You do that by creating groups and views. The standard documentation around that is pretty good, or look at some of the config examples on github for inspiration.
Basically: create a group to combine various entities on one card. Create a view to combine several of those group-cards on one tab.
To my knowledge everything will still show up on the first tab, nothing you can do about that, but with this you have full control over all the other tabs. So in my case I have set up several tabs the way I want them,and I just ignore the first tab.

Thank you very much - I will have a look and let you now how I get on.