How to stop supervisor auto-update?

I’m assuming that any changes I made as you suggested would be overwritten when I actually install a supervisor update. As such I’ll need to redo the changes after the update. Is this correct?

At least you tried.

The whole “if you let people have control of their own system they will break it and then ask for help” is starting get tedious.

So you have to completely forego all of the (claimed) benefits of a supervised version of HA just because you want to have the option to decide when you update the supervisor. :roll_eyes:

Even Microsoft and Apple aren’t that dictatorial. At least they ask you first and/or give you a bit of a warning before they do an update.

Maybe you should throw that out on Discord as an alternative option to the “silent middle of the night update that might break things” issue.


Thank you for your feedback.

I totally agree with you.

I’m done with this topic for now, at least on that channel with those people (nothing wrong but I have hit a wall there for now). But if someone else has a different channel to other people it would be nice if they could get that information to them.

I don’t understand how block these file, and what means “block”?

Don’t worry about it then.