How to use this state in my endstopcover?

hello ,

i have this testcode , that works fine.

but i want to show this in my dashboard.
how to i make an HA-entitie from it ?

Please don’t post pictures of text. Post the actual text correctly formatted for the forum.

Are you perhaps looking for the template cover?

As far as I am aware the endstop cover is only an esphome component, not a cover platform in Home Assistant.

ach ok , i will no link to images…

i didnt know there was 2 covers ( esphome and homeassistant ) i think it was al 1 familly

If you made the endstop cover in ESPHome it should show up in Home Assistant as a cover entity. Why are you trying to duplicate it?

i acutaly will to use it

actualy my problem/question is :
how to convert this ( in my test sjablones)

 {{states('cover.endstop_cover') }}


somthing like this in my dashboard :

There’s no need. Just put this in an entities card:


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no , i tried this already then i get this : ( much more then needed ) i only want to get the string ’ open’

Create a template sensor in ESPhome that copies your cover’s state.

Put that in your dashboard.