How to wire a Sonoff ZBMINI L2 Extreme for EU 2-way Light Switches

Hi Community!
I try to find a solution with existing switches without the need of a new wire (L) and came across this video. They are using a Shelly 1L. It is in German language. But the creator shared a wiring diagram here. I thought it should be working with the ZBMINIL2 as well but I could not make it work? The switches do not trigger the ZBMINIL2 and I do not know why.
Any thoughts?
Many thanks in advance!

You can refer to this one, just that you’ll need to replace the switches with momentary type and change the switch mode

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Many thanks for your reply!
If it is the only way, I will need to change switches. But I still hope, there is a way to make it work with the existing switches and without the need of a new wire.

You can stil convert existing ones to momentary but it depends on your switch

At least for mine (eu/uk) I can just add a tiny spring to it