HTTP Get -> Sensor in Home Assistant


I’ve used Home Assistant for about a year now and I love it. I’m still a bit of a novice in terms of coding though.

This http get request:

returns the following information:

  "presentation": {
    "id": {
      "uuid": "F3086479-78DC-42E5-AA9A-1A4AC2D6B633",
      "name": "Mission Moment Peterson Update",
      "index": 4294967295
    "groups": [
        "name": "Video",
        "color": {
          "red": 0.701960784313725,
          "green": 0,
          "blue": 0.266666666666667,
          "alpha": 1
        "slides": [
            "enabled": true,
            "notes": "",
            "text": "",
            "label": "",
            "size": {
              "width": 1920,
              "height": 1080
    "has_timeline": false,
    "presentation_path": "/Users/2015propresenter/Documents/ProPresenter/Libraries/Default/Mission Moment Peterson",
    "destination": "presentation"

How can I write an automation that starts whenever this HTTP Get group name equals “Video” (as shown above)

Is there any integration that helps with this? Still trying to learn APIs. I can provide documentation from the source I’m trying to use if needed, but it’s a niche program.

I’ve been using Home assistant for like 6 years and have never had a need to query the API.
If you are not a strong coder, why are you doing this?
Certainly there is a better to do whatever it is.

To actually help you it would be good to know what you are trying to accomplish.
How to help us help you - or How to ask a good question.