Https url access?

Ok Here goes, can any friends help w/ my setup in docker with https://url/??
I have HA, Nginx proxy and Lets Encrypt all running in seperate containers from the same host. Everything was great. I managed to get for example. I got a Xiaomi hub and couldn’t get to work.

So I switched to network-host mode from bridge. But then my letsencrypt fails and the URL fails to work and only http://ip/:port works?
so now I can’t get owntracks and notifications with images to work, since the https address no longer works. @flamingm0e any insights?

how is your NGINX reverse proxy configured?

conf and compose.yml
The conf entry was autogenerated by nginx/letsencrypt

I highly recommend reading this:

You are missing lots of things in your reverse proxy config.

Are you running jwilder nginx and letencrypt in docker and it works @flamingm0e? and
Whenever I make changes to default.conf they get overridden by whats autogenerated.

No. I have a VPS that I reverse proxy everything through. It is running certbot directly on the VPS (just been running this way for a LONG time, so no need to change it)

You should run a different NGINX docker and manually configure it.