Hue bulb to change color when turned on/becoming visible

I have a Hue bulb that I don’t turn on that often, but I would like it to have a single specific color. Hue bulbs by default can keep color, but it loses the setting really easily - turning the light on-off too quickly, or it to be powered down too long will it make lose the color.

I could achieve this with a dimmer switch but:

  • I don’t want a dimmer switch for this single bulb
  • I don’t want the bulb to be powered on all the time

Is there a way to automate in HA so that when the bulb is on/visible it turns to a specific color?


You can start to set a new default behaviour in the hue bridge with a custom color

And you can make an automation in HA with trigger your light change state to on, then a delay to avoid sending command to fast and finally a light update call

description: "exemple"
mode: single
  - platform: state
      - light.my_hue_bulb
    to: "on"
condition: []
  - delay:
      hours: 0
      minutes: 0
      seconds: 0
      milliseconds: 200
  - service: hue.hue_activate_scene
      scene_name: my_scene
      group_name: my_group
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Thanks, it works!
To note, before writing this I didn’t know that HA has a great automation interface that can enables to make this through the interface - but the delay tip is useful.

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Your welcome,
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