Hue motion sensor without bridge possible

Suppose I buy a Hue motion sensor. Do I need a Hue hub to configure the sensor itself (sensitifity, area, red lamp etc) or are there other possibilities? I have got a HA with Zigbee antenne

without the philips hub it’ll work. You’ll be able to customize it to some extend through the clusters.

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Thank you for the quick answer. What do you mean by “through the clusters”? I do not have to add the Hue integration, but find it via ZHA and configure it that way?

exactly. About the clusters, I’m not able to help you any further, but I have a bunch of those sensors and they work great with ZHA as they are. Once you have them added, you can configure the clusters to set sensitivity and other parameters

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Did you ever figure out how to configure these motion sensors without the hue hub?

No, not yet. I am going to try to install and configure the sensor at a friends hue and see if it responds different with other configuration. Hope to be able to set the settings locally at sensor level.

I’m reasonably new to HA but was able to pair 3 outdoor and 4 indoor sensors (older model) to HA using ZHA and a Nortek HUSBZB-1 controller. The indoor ones seem to be reasonably reliable but the outdoor units have had problems dropping out of HA. The sensor flashes for motion detection but HA doesn’t update. I had luck updating settings using the directions in this community link to manage the clusters - How to modify Phillps Hue Motion Sensor motion threshold and light sensitivity level settings? - #6 by Mogodon

I finally broke down and purchased the Hue bridge and found that some of my sensors had really old firmware, especially the ones that were giving me problems. I updated the firmware with the Hue bridge and am now deciding if I should leave them connected to the Hue bridge or move them back to ZHA.

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