Hue motion sensors + remotes: custom component


@robmarkcole Many thanks to you and your wonderful component. Sorry to see it go. Are you working with anyone with the new Hue components?


@zarthan this component isn’t going anywhere and will continue to function until adapted for the new Hue component is released. It is after all just a fancy rest sensor :slight_smile:


I tried the 0.66 beta a few days and it was discovered that the new Hue components conflict with this one. So are you going to be updating your component or ???


@zarthan please create an issue on Github describing the conflict. I only briefly read abut the changes in 0.66 and thought new Hue component was backwards compatible.


There are a couple of mentions in this Somewhere near the top and the second last entry. Somewhere someone mentioned removing the component to get it working.


I was taking your comments as you no longer being involved.


To clarify I wont be adding features, but I will make sure it works.


That makes everything much clearer. Glad you are back! :wink:


Issue for 0.66 created here:


I misunderstood your comment about creating an issue on Github. I was thinking it was already noted in the hue component and planned for an update, but I should have created the entry in your component. Becoming clearer and clearer by the minute. I will be ready for it if there ever is next time.


Thank you! Great work… I was concerned that it was “going” away! I am using it and I really like it!


Thanks - got it working to display the local time when motion was detected with this.

  - platform: template
        friendly_name: Lounge last movement detected
        value_template: >
          {{ as_timestamp(states.sensor.lounge_motion_sensor.attributes.last_updated | replace("[","") | replace("', '", "T") | replace("]", "") | replace ("'", "") + "+00:00") | timestamp_local }}


@zarthan the issue with 0.66 is resolved in the development branch. Please let me know how you get on with it.

@Mariusthvdb dev also resolves your issue with the iphone icon.


Thank you Sir! Works well. Bring on 0.66


I may have spoken too soon. The hue lights are back but the remote is missing. No initial errors I can see so I have some looking to do.

update: If I put the previous file back in custom_components along with the updated in sensors, I have the remote but no lights. Remove the from custom_components I have lights but no remote. What a predicament. I want the remote. Wife wants lights.


Works here well. Do you have the right url in the


I tested the URL and key before I entered it.


Hi, sorry I am confused with the readme. What do I need to do in the file? The URL format is nothing like the one found in the phue.conf.

Can anyone enlighten me? Thanks


Re URL, I’ve updated the readme with a link to the following:


Hi, you need to modify URL string at the beginning of a /config/custom_components/sensor/
It should look like this:
URL = "http://your_hue_hub_ip/your_hue_hub_key/sensors"
Both your_hue_hub_ip and your_hue_hub_key could be obtained from phue.conf. Key is long string of characters. Phue.conf looks like this:
{"hub_ip": {"username": "hub_key" }}
so, ip and key could be obtained from it easily.