Hue motion sensors + remotes: custom component


I ask because the issue could be general issue related to the custom_component functionality of Home-Assistant, rather than specific to this CC. I don’t have any other advice other than to see if anyone else has this issue


I cannot say for sure if I am having a similar issue or not but probably maybe lol. I’m new to hass (hassbian 0.73.1) and thought this was an important/well documented custom component that would be the first custom component I would try. I get Unable to find component sensor.hue July 11, 2018, 11:58 PM (ERROR) after following the readme and placing the py file in a custom component folder and adding the lines to my configuration file. I sort of thought it may be related to the way the hue bridge was being implement now so tried numerous times to set it up manually with a phue.conf file but I just cant make it work and have been at it for 6 hours+. All I have been able to achieve is to remove all my hue lights from home assistant. I noticed the token for the hue bridge is now stored in a core_config_entries file now so things seem different than they once were and I think I am getting a little lost. Thanks for any guidance you may have. Looks great when it works though from what I can see of peoples set ups. I think this is definitely important enough to be brought in as a official component . If I can provide any more info pls let me know


with 73.1 doesn’t work?



I am getting the following error in the home-assistant.log when hassio starts:-

‘You are using a custom component for sensor.hue which has not been tested by Home Assistant.’

I am using Home Assistant 0.73.1. Any ideas what the problem is please.


not necessarily a problem, more sort of a disclaimer by the Hassio dev’s. CC’s are not Hassio code, so no responsabilty can be taken by the Hassio developers when things do go wrong.


Hi, i got this error on Home Assistant 0.69.1

2018-07-18 12:39:27 ERROR (MainThread) [homeassistant.config] Invalid config for [sensor.hue]: required key not provided @ data[‘ip_address’]. Got None. (See ?, line ?). Please check the docs at

maybe i have to create a new key.


yes, after the update to 73.1 the component doesn’t work


it does actually…


but i got 0.69.01 :slight_smile:


you’re HUE Motion works with 73.01?


Yep, .73.2 even…:wink:


… ok. i found my fault.

…i thanks DHCP. change the IP from the HUE :sweat_smile:

and yes it’s work :smiley:


where do you place this code?


It goes under sensor. So:
  friendly_name: "Movement"


Oh so it’s a sensor template
(I’ve not used that before)


Great work, I’ve got the sensor up and running (and can use it with pure automations), but I just can’t seem to get a python script working. Not even with the exact script posted in the hackster post (using my entity_id’s).

button_obj = hass.states.get('sensor.hue_dimmer_1_status') 
button = button_obj.state 
if button == '1':'light', 'turn_on', { "entity_id" : 'light.living_room_lightstrip', 'color_name': 'green' }) 
elif button == '2':'light', 'turn_on', { "entity_id" : 'light.living_room_lightstrip', 'color_name': 'red' }) 
elif button == '3':'light', 'turn_on', { "entity_id" : 'light.living_room_lightstrip', 'color_name': 'purple' }) 
elif button == '4':'light', 'turn_on', { "entity_id" : 'light.living_room_lightstrip', 'color_name': 'yellow' }) 

I though it should be (and I also tried):

button_obj = hass.states.get('sensor.hue_dimmer_1').state
button = button_obj.state

And tried without the 'color_name' option, and tried '1_click' and '1_click_up' instead of just 1, 2, 3, 4. It is executable, and I can run other python scripts from the same folder.

My working automation (with no python):

- alias: Dimmer 1 Button 1 Clicked
    - platform: state
      entity_id: sensor.hue_dimmer_1
      to: '1_click_up' # sometimes it doesn't register very fast clicks. But it does register "click_up".
    - service: light.turn_on
        entity_id: light.living_room_lightstrip



@Aephir It appears my Hackster article is out of date, possible states (as your working automation show) are made up from:

    responsecodes = {
        '0' : "_click",
        '1' : "_hold",
        '2' : "_click_up",
        '3' : "_hold_up"

You should just be able to parse the first character from the state using button = button_obj.state[0]


Is there any progress on turning this into an official component?


well there was, but it has been stopped, since the developer seems to have stopped developing it…

too bad indeed, we were all looking forward to this anxiously.

Maybe @robmarkcole sees possibilities ? Are you still looking i to the asyncio side of things ?


we could all come in there and offer assistance how to get this going again?



Hmm, still not sure I get it. Fair warning, I’m extremely new to python…

I did try using 1_click in the python script:

button_obj = hass.states.get('sensor.hue_dimmer_1_status') 
button = button_obj.state 
if button == '1_click':'light', 'turn_on', { "entity_id" : 'light.living_room_lightstrip' }) 

if that’s what you mean?