Huge Database Size

I’m new to all of this, only had HA up for a few weeks, not really even configured everything, but my database is over 30GB. Is this normal? What is the easiest way to control it/correct it?

Take a look here at this excellent community guide:

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Unfortunately this is normal and will continue to be a ticking time bomb in every Home Assistant installation until the database is redesigned properly.

Until then, the guide posted above is a good one on how to exclude unneeded entities from the recorder, and set an aggressive purge interval on the database.

Home Assistant treats a relational database like a flat file and with every state update dumps several hundred bytes of unnecessary data, storing it all as an uncompressible, unqueryable JSON mess.

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I tried the above. I have it steady about 31GB, I had another odd situation yesterday where it was using about 22 GB of ram, lol. I have it running on Hyper-V. Still trying to figure these bugs out.