Hungarian Smart-Home (PL Yooda) shutter (DC169) integration?

Have one ever tried to integrate the the “Smart-Home” remote control (DC-169) for shutters? I hopped the shutters are controlled via 433Mhz and I tried if my Sonoff RF Bridge would detect RF signal from the remote control but no dice, no single line in the tasmota console.
The SmartHome seems produced in Hungary and their website does not have any information on the communication channel used or so. Just some programming manual for the remote control (last year I adjust schedule 5 times due to various sunset)

I integrated Yooda Artistic DC306 ( for roller shutters. It’s an 5+1 channel 433,92MHz remote.

Wow. it seems very close to mine. How do you read/generate its RF signals?

I flashed my Sonoff RF433 Bridge with Tasmota+Portisch. Then I put the bridge into sniff mode (rfraw 177) and pushed the button to sniff several times registering the code in Tasmota console. Then looked for most common buckets and needed some reading on the following resources to identify the code.

See resources:

mine is also tasmota’zed… I manage some RF power sockets this way already. but I have not seen the bridge identifies anything while I am pressing DC169 buttons… But ok. I will re-check all again, seems I was not careful enough somewhere… Good that you have success-story with these shutters.

Hi again. finally I made it work setting “cover MQTT” integration. Do you catch somehow a status of the shutters: open/close?

Hi, no, I haven’t found a way to catch the status of the covers. Or at least I haven’t spent enough time on it.

Hi All,

I would like to do same at our home to control the roller shutters (Type: Smart Home Smart35R13) which is currently controlled by DC306 remote controller.

I wish to control those motors from OpenHAB via MQTT. They have a product called DD 7002 B which has been designed to control the shutters via LAN and via their mobile application, but nobody have answered yet from their side about this protocol, they are not willing to help to integrate. This device is capable to receive feedback from the motors about their states, so I’m sure there is a capability to receive it.

May I ask for you project details Kol, how did you solve your task? Much appreciated for this.

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My setup is quite simple. I have sonoff RF bridge with 6.7.1 Tasmota and Portisch… In order to control shutters I sniffed the RF codes my DC169 remote sends and now I send them from Hassio by executing tasmota’s command “Rfraw”. But I am not able to collect status of the motors, I am only sending RF codes, one-way.

I am curious if the motors can report some status. What type of motors are capable for this?