Hunter Hydrawise with 2 controllers

I have 2 Hunter irrigation controllers connected to a single Hydrawise account. I can see and manage both controllers in Hydrawise. I installed the Hydrawise integration and configured per the documentation. All of the zones from one of the controllers appear under devices and everything seems to be OK. However, none of the zones from the other controller appear.

Does anyone know if the Hunter Hydrawise integration support multiple controllers?


After digging thru the code and looking at the Hydrawiser Documentation, I found a limitation that only one controller is supported. Does anyone know of a third party integration for for Hunter Hydrawise that supports multiple controllers>


agreed! it looks like you can supply controller_ids with each API request, for example:

where your controller_id list can be constructed by calling:

which gives you an output like:


in this case, i have two: 703926 and 704002

it seems like we could add an optional list of controllers to be iterated through on each poll.

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Any change of getting this implements? Following up on @stevemcghee’s post, the design seems pretty simple:

  1. Use to get a list of controller IDs and Names.
  2. For each controller, use the current logic to get the zones/relays.
  3. In the UI, prefix each zone/relay name with the controller name. For example: Main Controller - Front of House.

Chances are much better if you ask for it.
Make sure it’s not a dupe (and if it is vote for it) and don’t forget to vote for your own request if it’s not!

There is a request created. Now we need to vote for it. I already did it.
@RamonaSteve @stevemcghee