HVAC / Smart Vent Zoning control through HomeAssistant, no internet required (but recommended)

What are your thoughts on the smart vent project (brobstoncreations) linked above? I think you will find a lot of what you were describing, but the one drawback I feel is that it’s 3d printed.

Thank you @nuetron - I saw that and it’s really impressive, the only problem is I don’t have a 3-d printer and have already spent probably over a grand on 11 Flair smart vents… Also I do like the robust metal construction as the vents get up to 150 degrees F (maybe the plastic would eventaully sag/warp?

In any event I think your project is really great and I did subscribe - I would use your code/integration but with the Flair hardware :slight_smile: (I may have to replace the motor, however I am not sure) -

(Maybe it would have been smarter to spend that money on a 3d printer instead!)