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So I’m new to ha and being that my phone and tablet are connected to the pie 4 can I control a app
On the phone being some of my Bluetooth devices only work on the downloaded app when I say that I mean my led lights and diesel heater also my temp monitors I just want to create a action to activate a action in the app or somehow have them as a tile on the dash board kinda like how u can remote into a PC is this possible i appreciate the help!!! Also I use android

you are going to have to slow down and explain more clearly what you have and what you are trying to do.

only way to get meaningful help.

good luck

Start by reading these guidelines

Say what? I can’t make heads or tails about what your asking. You have to be specific about what you are trying to do and what integrations or devices your trying to do it with.

Ok so to break it down in have a smart bus run on a 48v system I currently have a surface pro 4 as one server next server is rasp pi 4 home assistant. I have my phone and tablet PC all connected on my network. So what I’m trying to accomplish is integrating all the devices in the bus to be monitored and controlled via home assistant. So I found so far how to integrate solar assistant my Plex Media server and soon all my shelly pucks to control most of my stand alone lights electric actuators mag locks. But I have a few devices I can only control via my phone and or tablet via a app. So let’s say for my diesel heater the app is called airheater BLE what I want to do is turn the device on and off come winter if I see the the temp is low in the bus this winter or set up a geo thing when I’m 15 miles away it activates the heater. I also have 24v led lights with multiple zones that can be controlled with a app called keep smile also special app on my phone. So basically if I could control the app on dashboard it would be cool like as in were using it on the phone. But I’m cool with just creating simple on off actions. So I want to know if u can control the individual apps via home assistant being my tablet never leaves the bus and is always connected to the network. Thanks

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I think that this guy is just trolling around. He has an app keep smile

as far as I know there is no way for home assistant to control an external phone/pc app.

You might be able to control the devices themselves directly from HA but they have to have an intagration in HA that allows you to bring them in to HA itself.

Whether the devices have an integration for HA is very device specific.

For some bluetooth devices there are ways to get some of those into HA but not without some amount of DIY.



If the phone and tablet are Android you might be able to do it indirectly (and in a very Heath Robinson sort of way) using Llamalab Automate (which does have a very limited integration).

A notification sent to a phone can trigger a “flow” on the phone, which in turn can trigger an app. I wouldn’t care to trust my life to it though.

Thank you all for your help !! So I did just change out all the led lights to 12v Neon strips put them on shelly pucks . Also come to find out the shelly pucks you can enable Bluetooth proxy . What that means is you can have em located in many parts of the house and if you have Bluetooth devices in that room can be found with the shelly device in that room ! The diesel heater I’m gonna use a ir blaster device to turn the heater on and off and use a shelly add on adapter to add temp sensors to have the heater turn on and off with in my temp specs also let’s me know the heater on or off ! For the air conditioner it’s 110v so the shelly I have on it reads the electricy coming from that shelly pm device. Also u can control apps with air droid but the interface is bad.

Hi @Koloj1551,
I have a similar setup and wanted to read more on what you managed to achieve in the end !? Did you end up using a 433 or IR remote ? I haven’t set mine up totally but was planning on reverse engineering the app, I figure it shouldn’t be crazy hard but am only starting my journey, conceptually at this stage, early days for me and found your post.
Ultimately I’d want to have every sensors and controls back to HA / MQTT maybe via Nodered, but too early to say. I use MQTT as the UNS for my whole bus/home.