I Have no idea what's going on

Hey all, over the last month i have had a heck of a time getting most of my automations to work. I don’t have many as I am relatively new, however the automations I do have seem to be working only intermittently. Ironically, they seem to work during the day but then as it gets later they don’t. I thought something must be affecting time or location. With that said, I can not figure out what. I think it might be something in Node-RED as it looks like its only those automations that are affected. I am attaching a screenshot which shows automations are triggering but nothing happens.

Any help would be GREATLY appreciated.

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Out of all the things you could have shared, your duuckdns URL is probably not what you want to share for everyone to see.

Further to reading the post that Nick has linked to, how about changing the Thread title to something relevant so we don’t come here wondering what you want due to your useless title. Seriously dude.

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All, sorry. Not trying to be difficult at all. I’m really new to all of this. I’m just trying to figure out what changed. I had everything working pretty well then it just stopped. And I had a couple of adult drinks, so… I was kinda rambling.

I realize this isn’t a help desk. Not how this was intended. I’ll read the link on “how to ask a question” and try again. Just trying leverage all the knowledge in this awesome forum. I wouldn’t have gotten this far without the community.

Well as a start you could change the thread title to something more suited…‘Intermittent NodeRed Automations’. I get that you are new but you need to provide more info in order to get help. We happily help, but need a decent starting point.