I just snapped my HUSBZB-1 into two pieces. What do I do now?

So as the title suggests, I just destroyed my HA hub. I’m ordering another one, but is there a way to make this all work again without having to rebuild all of my networks?

Make what work? We don’t know what you use, so to be able to help, we need your help!

Google suggests a “Nortek HUSBZB-1 Zigbee & Z-Wave Plus USB Interface”, however details like how many devices of each readio type, ZHA or Z2MQTT, and when your last backup was all matter.

Z-Wave might be able to recover without re-pairing if you have your S0 keys, but Zigbee has more state information on the stick.

How bad is snapped? Some USB sticks break on the connector, leaving the main PCB mostly intact (although this depends on the number of layers, and how much electronics are close to the connector).

How many now broken pcb tracks pass between the two pieces? Are you proficient enough to clean and rejoin these?

I actually was able to rejoin it.

However, is there a way to prepare for something like this happening in the future? Specifically, what can I back up?

The zigbee side portion is not too difficult. Recent versions of HA (2022.9 and later) support zigbee backup and restore.

z2m is more problematic as it doesn’t do Si Labs EZSP backup/restore yet. It should be possible to manually backup/restore using the zigpy toolkit. I did it before ZHA supported it natively, but what I followed is outdated now.

I can’t speak to the z-wave side.

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