I need a button with an difrent entity for the on and of state

hay there so I’m really new to HA
and I want to create a button with a entity for the on state
and a different one for the off state
how would I do this I have googled but most is still yet out of my reach
so a step bye step would be really appreciated
Thanks in advanced

Welcome. You need to explain a bit more what you mean: there isn’t enough information there for us to help you.

  1. “Create a button”: on your dashboard? What’s it for?
  2. “entity”: Do you mean “description”, or “state”?

okay so have lights in tuya smart life app with an automation to set the brightness to 100 (Lights Max)
then i have another automation that sets the brightness to 10 (Movie mode on)
i need one button that switches between those 2
annd yes the button is on my dashboard
o and i already have the automations in HA as an entity

use two scenes and assign to 2 buttons ?

okay so how do i toggle between scenes sorry if this is a stupid quistion but yea im reaaaaly new

The easiest is to create two scenes (that you described). Then implement two buttons. One that turns on scene 1 and another that turns on scene 2.

Option2, a bit more complicated, but potentially nicer for the dashboard.
You create a helper that toggles if scene 1 is on. another that toggles if scene 2 is on.
Based on that helper you create 2 conditional button cards. One that is displayed if scene 1 is active (that button would toggle scene 2) and another if scene 2 is active (this one would toggle scene 1). You could probably also get away with one helper and then display the second conditional button if the helper is toggled to “off” instead of “on”. This would result in two buttons on the dashboard - however only one of them would be displayed at a time. If you use a grid card and put both conditional buttons into the same row/cell “thingy” then they would essentially replace each other visually.

I use this option to show a different button on my dashboard when my lights are on vs. off. (off = simply button, on = mushroom light card with dimmer controll).

okay got it i googled the wrong this its not togle automation its togle scene
this is what i found Simple scene toggle
thanks aceindy

im gona try this 2