I want to make the alarmpanel bigger, but the CSS is killing me :-D

Hi All

I’m currently setting up the Alarmo addon (geez that is excellent), and one of the plans was that I want the HA alarmpanel shown on a tablet in the entryway. This should be used by guests for disarming it.
The tablet I have set up here, is a very cheap lenovo 7", so I want it to just show the alarmpanel, and I’ve created a seperate lovelace ui for it.
But the buttons on it are very tiny.
I found out that I can make the alarmpanel bigger by modifying the .column, and that also makes the buttons wider, but the text and buttons are still very narrow, so what is the magic CSS key for making the buttons taller and the text bigger?

Oh, I just found out that Thomas already made something for the alarm panel in his card_mod docs:

But that adds to the text size, not the button size.

It seems that it needs to be a custom card to get this working, so I’ve posted a feature request.
Sometimes I just don’t understand the developers, why make a card that is so unflexible, seems like it’s a function they neglected for some time.

For now I’ve switched to this Alarm Control Panel custom card

This looks the way it should look, and has the features required until the app Alarmpanel by Thanksmister supports the Alarmo custom component that allows for multiple pin codes.