iBeacon integration forgetting devices


I’m using the iBeacon Tracker integration through the onboard Bluetooth on my RPi 3.

I did set up evetyhing and my Nuki and BLE beacon (Blue Charm) worked flawlessly. After a week, both devices disappeared from the integration. I had to reinstall the integration. Rebooted the system. All ok.

A week later… same thing happened again! Had to reinstall.

Today, my Nuki lock is not showing up. It’s working well. Because I can see both devices from my phone with the KBeacon scanner app. I’m afraid the beacon will disappear soon too.

Any ideas? Only thing I can think of is buying an external USB dongle.


Little update. It seems the Bluetooth chip on the Pi is having problems:

I googled that problem and end up here:

It looks like some other folks are struggling with the same issue. Even with new USB dongles. So I’m stuck :frowning:

Hope someone can shed some light.