iCloud - Exclude devices?

Tried to look in in the forum and couldn’t find.
Is the above possible?

Reason for my question is that we have some Apple devices in our iCloud account that we have no need to track in HA, and I have a feeling that the find my Mac is whats killing my Mac’s battery every night… I might be wrong though, but I dont have a way to test.

Any ideas?


You could use icloud2 (i use this right now) or the newer icloud3.
The icloud2 is way easier and is just the normal icloud integration with a filter.

Thanks I’ll give it a try, but curious if anyone notices this on their computers not going to sleep properly also?


What do you mean? Because of the icloud tracker your mac doesn’t go to sleep? I think this is not related.

Humm. Assuming the “findmyphone” updates every 30 min when stable this could deplete the battery if iCloud keeps pinging for location. Reason I’m asking is because I started to notice my work Mac Isco always without battery in the mornings and this never happened till I’ve enabled iCloud tracking via HA…

That’s why you should use icloud2 or icloud3. Then only your phone (or phones) get tracked and other devices like ipads, macs and apple watches don’t. So they don’t use as much battery.

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Thanks for the tips @Pippyn, i’ve just instaled icloud2. Any main reason to install icloud3? Looking at the user guide it seems theres a lot of new options… Thoughts?


For me the icloud3 component is too beta right now. I tested it last week and it has to many issues for the WAF :slight_smile:. In the future I would like to switch, but i’ll wait for the project to mature.
The advantage off icloud3 should be;

  • Better zone’s
  • Lower polling in zone’s (lower battery use)
  • Lower battery use overall.
  • Many more features
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That makes sense. I’ve been using icloud2.py for a week now and although all my other devices are much better now, I’ve noticed that the interval update is not dynamic and sometimes it takes up to 30mins to get a location. Shouldn’t this be dynamic depending on if I’m moving?

Did I missed to configure something?