Idiot mode: I updated the Xiaomi Gateway firmware 1.4.1_161.0157

So, new firmware 1.4.1_161.0157, new problems:

  • door/windows sensors work as expected;
  • xiaomi wireless button doesn’t work anymore;
  • aqara cube doesn’t work anymore;
  • temperature/humidity sensors not sure, they update for a while, then I get an error in that the xiaomi/aqara hub doesn’t update anymore, but the door/windows sensors continue to work.

I updated it today.

Anyone else in my situation?

Thanks for the heads up with latest firmware, you should always wait until its confirmed working with firmware’s before updating.

I know, but… I saw in the changelog some new devices added and I was curious to see which one. Shame on me.

I activated the log and it seems home assistant is able to get the commands from the cube and from wireless switch. Not sure why the automations with them don’t work anymore…

The temperature/humidity sensors now update the data correctly.

I have noticed my wireless switches no longer work… :frowning:

something changed, but the wireless switch sends the commands correctly, I can see them in the log

This might be of use, there’s a slightly different way of talking to them in HA now:

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@Bit-River is right the component service call was changed around 0.80.0 ish.

I just, sadly , realised that all my automations in automation.yaml don’t trigger. Not even 1.

Something really bad happened to my :sob:

I still have the firmware 1.4.1_161.0143 and no updates reported

I also thank him but someone has to try…

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Make sure you’re automations include the following line:

initial_state: 'on'

Seems to be a relatively new requirement.

A working example:

- alias: Long Click to toggle Light Strip
  initial_state: 'on'
    platform: event
      entity_id: binary_sensor.switch_118xxxxxxxxxxx
      click_type: long_click_press
    - service: light.toggle
        - light.light_strip

Hi Smanny,

Are you sure it’s the Xiaomi firmware update is the problem? I recently encountered something simular when updating home assistant, my automations didn’t work. Turns out the event type did change (in HASS) from

event_type: click



I am not sure of anything… I already made that change and none of my automations worked anymore. I had to reset completly my The firmware made a change, time to time I get a no response from the gateway in the log

My Hub also stopped working after firmware upgrade. I’ve managed to make it working after a lot of retries using this config:

  discovery_retry: 10
    - mac: !secret xiaomi_mac
      key: !secret xiaomi_key
      host: !secret xiaomi_ip

I am running the Xiaomi Gateway under the firmware version 1.4.1_161.0158

Where do you see what latest firmware that is supported?
Now I see a new firmware for my Xiaomi Gateway: 1.4.1_164. 0158

It was replaced by that one quite immediately and now there is no problem anymore.

Just confirming, is 1.4.1_164. 0158 fine or does it need to be hacked?

Xiaomi Gateway no Longer connecting on latest firmware - "Invalid Config" says he had to hack it or something?