If conditions / logic in markdown card


New to all this stuff and trying to figure out how to write a condition for a markedown card. So far this is what I have working:

Tempature is {% if is_state('sensor.temperature_sensor_temperature_4', '22.1') %} perfect{% else %} to cold{% endif %}.

What i want it to do is say: Tempature is perfect (if the range is between 22-23C) or if it’s over 23 write Tempature is too hot, or below 22 , Tempature is too cold.

I think i’m on the right track but can’t seem to figure out the next step. Any help is greatly appreciated.

{% set t = states('sensor.temperature_sensor_temperature_4') | float(0) %}
Temperature is {{ 'perfect' if 22 <= t <= 23 else 'too hot' if t > 23 else 'too cold' }}.

Much appreciated! I see now what to do.

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You’re welcome!

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