If I have multiple motion sensors as Trigger, do they both have to be actived?

I have 2 motion sensors in the area I want to trigger.
Do they both have to be activated to trigger my lights?
I want either of them to be activated.

Also the time for the lights to turn off appears to be after the initial state change, it does not appear to happen after last motion is detected.

Any suggestions?

That’s how it works; multiple triggers are logically ORed.

BTW, post automations in YAML format, not screenshots. See FAQ guideline 11:

The way you designed your automation makes it behave like this:

When either of the two motion detectors triggers the automation, it turns on the garage lights then delays for about 20 minutes, then turns off the lights. During that delay, it ignores any subsequent triggers.

If that’s not how you intended it to work, describe what you want.

One or the other will trigger your automation.
You will want to set the automation mode (top-right most 3-dots > Change Mode) to “Restart” so the last motion trigger will override the previous one (if any), and thus restart the Delay.


You might also want to check out Trigger ID, in case you ever want to trigger different behaviors depending on which trigger… triggered.