I'm so lost pairing my Lutron switches to HA

Like the title says, I am so over my head when it comes to home automation. It’s been an uphill battle for me for sure. At this point I’m questioning if HA can even do what I want it to do, and if it can is there even a tutorial for it or is everyone just incredibly smarter than I am.

I have Lutron switches and the hub. I have Hass.io set up and running on a RP4 with ethernet. What I don’t have is any idea how to integrate it. There seem to be so many steps to it but no tutorials or walkthroughs.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Which Lutron hub and switches are you using specifically?

According to this: https://www.home-assistant.io/integrations/lutron/

Presently, there’s only support for communicating with the RadioRA 2 Main Repeater and only handle light switches, dimmers, and seeTouch keypad scenes.

This is how I did it, not sure if its the shortest/most simple method but it works great for me with no real delay and is rock solid:

  1. Setup Lutron devices in the app on your phone the way they recommend. Once they’re all working

  2. Link Lutron account with Smart Things

  3. On HA under Configuation>Integrations setup Smart Things link, and then your devices will be imported.

There’s a learning curve for HA, but I’ve tried just about everything else and it seems to be the best by far. Not as terrible to get things setup, and then once they’re in place, things work consistently. Good luck, and don’t give up!

Lutron L-BDG-WH Caseta Wireless Smart Bridge with the Lutron Caseta Smart Home Dimmer Switches

I go to Configuration>Integrations> and there is nothing about Smart Things. What’s the step prior to this to get that into the integrations list?

I used this addon to get my lutron caseta devices integrated. Home Assistant Community Add-on: Lutron Certificate

There is also a custom component that is required if you have the pro lutron hub. The biggest benefit of using the pro hub is that you can custom program the pico remotes to control anything in home assistant.

@dadegroff11 If you’re using Caseta switches and dimmers, the steps you’ll want to follow are here:

Part of the configuration requires that you save some Lutron certificates into your HA files on your Pi. There’s even a Hassio add-on that walks you through the certs and what to put in the config.yaml file. The add-on is called “Lutron Certificate” and can be found in the Hassio Add On “Store.”

Hope that helps. Shout if you run into any roadblocks. Great community of folks to help here.

Can I get multiple Lutron hubs into HA that are at different homes?