Implementation of Somfy Connexoon IO

I am planning to buy a solar screen with a Somfy motor. I can choose between a RTS or IO motor.
The RTS motor can be controlled with HA with a HA RFlink gateway. However the RTS technology is just one way traffic and eventually Somfy will replace this technology twith the newer IO homecontrol.

So I think I am go for the IO motor. The problem is that at the moment only the expensive TaHoma box is implemented in HA, but the cheaper connexoon isn’t. Both devices are from Somfy and are using IO so it should be possible to adopt this. Right?

Are there any people who are working on the implementation of the connexoon? Or are there more people who are interested? I would like to do it myself but I dont have the skills to do this…

The problem is that Tahoma is working with all Somfy devices, but there are three different Connexoons. Even 4, because is also one for access and windows together.

My advise is get something else with standard rf (no RTS).
I got my somfys before HA and to integrate them i had to sacrifice a remote coupled to a nodemcu.

Why the hassle.

I noticed that there are three different apps. But in the end all these apps are communicating with the same piece of hardware. So in my opinion the conexoon can communicate with all io devices…

You might be right, but connection is restrictred by software. You can’t use specific connexoon hardware with other apps.

Thats too bad :frowning:

However, I found an interesting article about the somfy 'so open’ program. Somfy is working on an open API and the integration with IFTT. On the website they say:

From the summer of 2018, application developers will therefore have access to SOMFY solutions through a unified platform providing access to:

  • natively connected SOMFY equipment: the SOMFY Protect range, SOMFY smart thermostat and lock;
  • SOMFY motorized roller shutters associated with SOMFY Smart Home solutions (TaHoma and Connexoon).

This sounds promising and hopefully it will be possible to control the connexoon in the nearby future.

Nice! le’ts hope HA can implement Connexoon soon with this API !

I recently bought screens with somfy IO motors, failed to realise these wouldn’t be able to link with my Broadlink RM pro (433Mhz only…) now I have to buy a connexoon or tahoma which is rediculous enough but i’d rather use the Connexoon with HA instead of Tahoma (since that is a full domotics controller in it self and overpriced).

Can we make an official requests somewhere for implementing this :slight_smile: ?

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There is already a request posted for the Somfy API.

Thanks, that would be awesome!

@darkpainy Have you bought your Connexoon?

Hi @tetienne

I have not yet bought my Connexoon, I was waiting on confirmation that this was now working with HA.
However I noticed that in the Somfy Tahoma section of HA documentation this is stated:

“This also works with the Somfy Connexoon. Check here for the differences between the bridges.”

So I’m probably going to order the Connexoon some time next week :slight_smile:

Kind regards

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I have already ordered a garage door with connexoon access and windows. @tetienne I will be happy to help in about two weeks :slight_smile:

Works with Connexoon Access&Window.
All secens were imported to HA.
I have Ixengo gate and two blinds.
Unfortunately Ixengo and one blind was not imported as below.
One blind was imported.

Unsupported type io:ExteriorVenetianBlindWithWPIOComponent for Tahoma device okono gora
21:07 components/ (WARNING)

Unsupported type io:DiscreteGateOpenerIOComponent for Tahoma device IXENGO io

21:07 components/ (WARNING)
I will be testing more.

@robertpe If you have some skills on python and few minutes, I would really appreciate you contribute to the client API I currently developing: If you haven’t any python skill, you can manipulate the API easily on
I want to see if your devices are supported by the official API. If it’s the case, I would add them to my client.

I will try, but I’m leaving for a few days.

That’s would be great. It takes only few minutes.

So i am not sure i understand, is there a component that can get Connexoon RTS devices into HASS ?

You can try my Somfy component currently in development. Follow the steps of this post.

Is it possible to read the status of a solar screen (or blind) using that sacrificial remote (e.g. opened or closed)? In other way, is two-way communication possible?

no is not possible. I had to install another sensor to determine open or closed. like i said, if i was doing it again i wouldnt buy this.