Improve Scene editor, allow scene edits without setting devices' states

Wish I could vote on this 100 times

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Yep, still needed

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New HA user here. I was sure that I was doing something wrong that all my devices were going crazy when I was editing a scene I created.
It makes sense if it’s just lights, but as soon as you start adding a vaccum cleaner, garage door or a sprinkler, this just doesn’t make sense. Hopefully it will be changed in the future.


really really need this feature, just been talking to others on the FB forum: lots of us can only tinker with our setups for an hour a day, without upsetting the family changing things that are in use!!

Swap to YAML scenes, you can edit to your hearts content all day long.

Yes, I understand that it’s not in the UI, but you can edit scenes without enabling the scene that way.

No, I am not suggesting this as the solution for the thread, I’m just suggesting this as a current path forward until the scene editor is updated.

No, I do not know if any work is being done on the scene editor.