Increase Atom Echo Output volume

Hi all,
Since I didn’t find any topic about unusable Atom Echo volume correction alternatives, I just wanted to share the way I increased 13$ Voice Assistant volume, even though probably everyone already did better than this.
Simply Atom Echo’s enclosure is too small to act as a resonance box.
I just took the chip and the speaker out of the enclosure, handmade a wooden piece with a hole to stick the speaker into, a base to keep it standing and put everythjng toghether using few drops of superglue. To fix the alimentation cable I used 2 small screws and 5cm of metal cable.
To let also Echo hear me clearly, I left the back completely open, just front panel and base.
Now I can clearly hear Atom Echo answer from quite far away, meaing i can really use it, even when room gets noisy and also Echo hears better.
I achieved same results using hard thick paper (like the one shoe boxes are generally made of) for the front panel. It’s easier to build, but more fragile.
Anyway, any hard material smooth plate should be able to act as resonance surface, the harder and thinner, the better.
Also dimensions matter, the bigger, the better, but I noticed that circa between 50 and 100 square cm are enough for my needs (10cm x 5cm / 10cm x 10cm front plate).
You only need to be able to punch a hole to let the most of the Echo speaker front exposed (for higher frequencies), being careful to leave an edge to stick the speaker’s edge to.
It’s important to remember that the junction between Echo’s speaker and front panel must be very firm, otherwise vibrations won’t transmit to the resonance surface.

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