Increase poll rate of my master light?

how can I increse the pole rate for my master light. I have the problem that it takes 5-10 sec to sync the slave’s with the master when i push the wall button to turn on or of the master.

Please repost your automation using the guidelines described here to make it readable.

Also tell us what lights and bulbs you might have an what integration you use.

Is the automation i use

The master is a ion led zigbee wall dimmer
The slaves are tuya cct zigbee controllers

You did not state which integration you use for the lights.
If the Tuya lights are cloud based, then this will add a delay.

Im using a hue bridge

Ahh, this has nothing to do with the controllers.
You problem is that you are switching state on a light bulb and then you have an automation that reacts to the light bulb switching state to set another light bulb.
The solution is to change the automation, so instead instead of reacting on the state of a light bulb, it reacts to the activation of your light switch.

I dont see the activation of the switch as hue sees the switch as a light bulb
And I thought HA is just checking every 10 sec what the state is, I wanna change that time to 2 sec or so if possible.

I think the switch go to the HA event bus.
Open the HA Developer Tools and click the Events tab.
Set it to listen to * and start listen.
Then click the button and stop the listening.
You will have a lot of events listed so go through them and find the one for your switch.
There might be two now a days, like a hue_event and an event.your_switch_name

Thank you for your thought, I just discovered that Hue doesn’t detect the change when I push the button after adding a scan_interval it works fine with the hue app but not with the button.
I’m thinking of getting a ZigBee dongle and make my own hub hopefully it detects the change of the light quicker then hue does

Why use a special scan interval.
The button press should be detected almost instantly on the event bus of HA.

When i open the hue app and press the button it takes a long time for hue to see the button press ass its seen as a light and not as a botton

Getting rid of the hue bridge, and replace it with a zigbee controller connected directly to HA should speed up things :wink:

Don’t use the Hue app then.
Use the Home assistant one instead.

You can not change the pull frequency, because the Hue integration is not a pull service, but push service.