Influx and Grafana Issue

Had these working together perfectly for months and now Grafana is showing “No Data”, Influx HAS the data - I can query it.

However it seems something has broken with regards to connectivity. Anyone else having this problem?

I have the same problem since yesterday.

Me too since a couple of days ago.

Same here anyone found a solution

See if this works for you:

It’s always wise to check the release notes topic if your issue coincided with an update.

I doesn’t work for me …

Thanks Tom, worked for me

Update: Fixed the problem. In the Grafana go to the datasource then change the Query Language to FluxSave & Test → change Query Language back to InfluxQL and disable basic auth option (enabled after changing language to Flux)
Save & Test → Data source is working


Thanks - all fixed :slight_smile:

Just had to do this myself after updating to supervisor 246.

Thanks @MarkB1
Grafana works again for me. Portainer does not.
Error is

2020/10/06 21:13:16 http error: Invalid query parameter: filters (err=invalid character '%' looking for beginning of value) (code=400)

if anyone is interested.

By the way: Is there a way to stop the auto-updates for the supervisor ?

It’s especially annoying when things break and you are not home or have no time to fix it.

Short answer, no.

Long answer, Feature request: block supervisor auto-updates

Now I have to go and check portainer.

Edit: portainer ok here.