Infrared / Time of Flight Sensor

I’m looking for a infrared and/or time of flight barrier with a range of about 3m to 10m to detect the presence of a car. I’ve a ALPR working but it’s tricky to know if the car it is still in the ramp, because at different times of day one of the two gates is open (during business hours) and the movement sensor keeps triggering. So I’m looking for a static beam that can inform me if a car still is there.
Does anyone know some ready to deploy product wifi enables. I have a lot of Shelly but Shelly doesn’t have a ToF sensor yet.

As in, OTS “Off The Shelf”, plug and play?
I’ve never seen one.
I did make my own using a Wemos D1 Mini and the VL53L0X ToF Sensor.

Here is a tutorial from Adafruit if you want to heat up the soldering iron.

I’ve seen your project and it’s awesome!
Although I’m an electrotecnic engineer by training I’m very low on time and a OTS, Wifi auto deployable solution already with API http code built-in would be my go to option.

Don’t be shy- build one. Buy the parts and a prototype board and follow the Adafruit instructions (they are usually well-written). The upshot is that you will learn more of how things work in ESPHome and Home Assistant. And it’s fun. (And addictive).

I use SHARP IR distance sensor connected to Fibaro Smart impant, that has analog voltage input, so can determine distance by changing voltage. SOme details of imiplementation here. But this is zwave solution. For WiFi solution Smart Impalnt would need to be replcace, perhaps, by Shelly Plus Uni - seems Shelly added voltage measurement to new version, so it would work similarly to my solution. A bit of soldering, but nothing fancy. Should be even easier, as probably could accept only single voltage to power both sensor and Shelly module.