Instable integration with KlikaanKlikuit using the RFLink Gateway and an Arduino

I am new in this area of Home-Assistant. I want to integrate my existing KlikaanKlikuit (KaKu) functions and experience strong instability using the RF Link with Ardino. The problem is that when all of my KaKu products are loaded into HA, after a wile some the enteties become unavailable. When I activate te KaKu produnt with the KaKu switch HA reconize the entety. However this is not the way I like to work with HA. (see pincture)

Is there a solution to keep those connectioens?


It would greatly help if you provided more information about your setup as mentioned in:

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Concerning unstable integrations, this post could help you find the issue:

2024.5+: Tracking down instability issues caused by integrations.

I added an ESP01 to my rflinks, and use mqtt