Install FUSE on Home Assistant OS

Is it possible to install FUSE on HASSIO and persist between upgrades?
Which would be the ideal way to do it?

I’ve installed it using:

apk add --upgrade fuse

After that, I’ve been able to mount a google drive unit without problems.
But…, every time I reboot I loose all of my changes. So there must be another way.

Furthermore, after mounting the system under /media/gdrive I cannot see them inside the media browser:

File seen:

And in the media browser:

No you can’t. Home Assistant OS (or hassio how it was called previously) is meant to be the only thing running on your machine. If you want more control you have to either use a Supervised install (will not be officially supported if you install other things), Home Assistant Container (no add-ons, auto backup, etc.) or Home Assistant Core (installation in a venv). See here for a good overview of the different install methods.


has anything changed since this was posted? I’d love to have access to my media library via google drive on HA.