Install HA on Acer laptop

Hi guys,
This is my first post here, so if this is not the right place sorry.

I’ve a Acer Aspire E-11 (ES1-111M-C414) with Celeron N2840, 2GB DDR3L and eMMC 32GB, just laying around here without any use, that I would like to install HA, what is the best method can someone point me in the right direction.


Home Assistant Operating System is by far the easiest when you are new to Home Assistant.

Does the laptop have ethernet? It is possible to use WIFI but it is highly recommend to have it connected with ethernet. :smiley:

Hi DurgNomis-drol, yes it has ethernet, USB 2.0 & 3.0, HDMI and SD card reader.

Here is the link to the laptop if that helps

As your laptop only have 2GB of RAM, it is not feasible to run Windows on it and then HA.

After you have installed an OS (This can be Debian or something similar), the easiest option is to install docker and the use Home Assistant Container. This unfortunately does not give you access to addons(You can still use integrations).

If addons is a must you can also install Home Assistant Supervised instead, though this more difficult then the other options.

You can also run an virtual machine in linux. This will open the up option for installing Home Assistant Operating System.

I would personally recommend the first options as this is the easiest in you case (I use Home Assistant Container). If you are totally new to linux, I would recommend getting an Raspberry Pi and installing Home Assistant OS on an SDcard instead as that is the easiest option. :smiley:

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Thanks for the explanation, the laptop can be upgrade to 8GB of RAM (I havent bought that yet since I was not sure if it would be ok for HA) I´ll try the first option before buy the 8GB.

Yes I’m new to linux, so the easiest road for me would be great, to start learning about HA, from what I’ve already read the addons is easier to learn.

Thanks for the help.


HA Supervised on Debian 10 - a good write up is here Installing Home Assistant Supervised on Debian 10



Hi Twit, I was wondering between Debian and Ubuntu to at least use the Acer to do something.
But I’ll try that aproach since there is only 2GB of RAM, I’ll try the HA OS when I’ve the 8GB installed, I don’t know if the 32GB eMMC will be a limitation or not.

if you’re a windows user,another option is to use HyperV or VBox.
This would also allow you to use install supervised.
However, keep in mind HyperV has no USB support (VBox does)

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Well seems that I hit another problem the instalation stop’s at “select and
install software” - around 10% of the progress, when it try to install Discover.
I´m installing Debian in Graphical mode, Legacy BIOS, seems that the problem is old