Install HASSIO on Raspberry pi 4 Raspbian Buster (with Windows PC)

Works great so far!

Hello, greetings to everyone, it’s my first message. I am novice I have a raspberry 4 with a 240gb ssd to usb 3.0 port with raspberry pi Os desktop version with recommended software… is it possible to do this installation on it? Tanks

Ok… working on raspberry pi 4 with ssd. Raspberry pi OS with recommended desktop software

Does this still work now? The last command (even the updated one from SKAL) doesnt work? Is it not possible anymore to install Home Assistant on Raspbian?

I reinstalled only 2 days ago. So it is still possible.

Did you follow the commands in this thread? Everything seemed to work except the final step where it says" This installer is no longer supported"

Follow this:

Awesome. That link and the steps worked. Thanks a lot!

The warning and suggestion regarding running “Home Assistant as a VM or run Home Assistant Core via a Docker container”, is this something to worry or care about?

Works very well!!