Install OS and home assistant?

Hello group

I’m new in the home assistasnt, I wonder if is possible to install other SO in the raspberry (raspbian or other) and use home assistant too, I mean, I want to use my raspberry as computer and home assistant too.

Is that possible?
If yes, how can I do that?
Which SO recommends?
What is the bigger capacity in the micro SD recommend it and support it?

I have raspberry pi 4B 8gb

Thanks a lot

Sure, you can use any of the recommended methods, or the alternative ones if you’re sufficiently experienced with Linux. There’s also community guides.

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What is SO ?
For your Pi, I would recommend not to use a SD card, but a ssd or HDD. SD cards tend to corrupt after prolonged use.

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Hahaha sorry for my “span-glish” SO “sistema operativo”, Operating System.

Thanks for the tip, do you know what is the bigger capacity supported for the pi?

I reviewed the recommendation, but I wonder which OS use in the pi, raspbian?

On my pi 4 8Gb, I run Ubuntu 20.04 LTS 64bit, on a 750Gb HDD.

Oh my… ok ok! And you have home assistant installed as VM?

No. You can’t install vm’s on arm. Just running HA supervised.

Sorry for my misunderstanding, running home assistant supervised? I don’t get your point :upside_down_face::pensive: how is that?

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Raspbian all the way (or whatever it’s called this week).

Ubuntu does “strange things” at times with their software choices, and it can cause problems if you’re not familiar with Linux.


You can use RPi OS and Docker and install HA on Docker. I have Portainer too to manage Docker

Hi John

Sounds easier, just one question, your method is different to the “home assistant supervised”???

No, you can install it supervised.
Check this post.

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