Install socat or ser2net on HassOS?

Hi, since it seems that the alternative installation methods will soon no longer be supported I switched from Debian 10 + HassIO to HassOS.

I need socat or ser2net running on it, but I can not find any way to do so.



That’s not true. Debian 10 + Home Assistant Supervised is the only supported Supervised install on a generic linux OS. However, even if you kept Debian + Home Assistant Supervised, installing other programs is not officially supported. Anyway, not supported doesn’t mean it won’t run anymore, it’s just that the devs won’t bother helping you when you have issues running it this way, the community will still be here to help and there are quite a few people (incl. myself) running “unsupported” installations without any issues.

You can’t install socat or ser2net on HassIO as far as I know.

Take a look here for a good overview of the the different install methods.

That’s for a python library, OP wants to install a program, so I think your guide doesn’t apply or am I missing something?

What did you read that led to this conclusion?

Ok, I guess I’m going back to my trusted debian install then :nerd_face: