Installation is unhealthy and cannot install plugins

What OS are you running ? It needs to be Debian for Supervised.


I followed that particular tutorial (actually a YT video that followed that) because i wanted to use zigbee2mqtt. for that i think i need supervised to install the correct add-on. it that wrong? is there a better way?

sorry, i’m very noob :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m running Raspbian GNU/Linux 10 (buster)

I guess you have 3 problems :
1/ Raspbian is not supported, Debian is
2/ Buster is still supported, but only for a month or so longer (august-sept-oct-nov = 4 months, end of november support stops)
3/ You probably did not install os-agent yet.

It all depends on the other containers how to solve this.If you can easily back them up, I would take the plunge and install Debian Bullseye.

ok! so, this is my situation. i have:

  1. A Raspberry Pi 4 running Raspbian GNU/Linux 10 (buster)
  2. A ConBee II USB updated according to this tutorial
  3. Some zigbee devices that are not compatible with ZHA and require zigbee2mqtt

What should i do?

As I see it :

  • either undo the supervised install, run HA Container and Zigbee2MQTT container
  • or backup your config, install Supervised on Debian and restore your config

thanks! i will try the first approach. for now i dont want to mess with the OS and i want to keep te official raspbian OS

i plan to upgrade the server in the future and then i will either go synology ou a mini pc with debian.

so at the end i will only have 2 containers, right? HA and the Zigbee2MQTT


You will still need an mqtt broker !
apt-get install mosquitto
and then 2 docker containers, HA and Zigbee2MQTT

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is there any reason you didn’t suggest to install mosquitto as a docker container?

No. I just don’t know a mosquitto container. I should search one.

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I’m using dockstarter and they have there HA and mosquitto so it should be easy to setup. but they don’t list Zigbee2MQTT so that will give me a bit more work

I’ve installed/configured those 3 containers… i still can’t see the zigbee2mqtt integration.when i do “add integration” what should i be able to see on the list? do i need anything else first?

There’s no integration for it; if you enabled home assistant discovery in zigbee2mqtt and connected HA to your MQTT broker, you should see zigbee2mqtt devices and entities at Configuration > Integrations > MQTT

when you say MQTT broker you mean mosquitto, right?

i’ve added that container but is doesnt have any configuration or ui to set up. but when i add mqtt integration is asks for port and some credentials

port is 1883, if no user/password leave these blank

I have set up the 3 containers:

  1. Home assistant
  2. Mosquitto
  3. Zigbee2mqtt

how i can i add a sensor to the HA? i don’t understand what’s the next step

If you have set

homeassistant: true

in zigbee2mqtt configuration.yaml, all you have to do is pair your sensor.

Done that! i still don’t see anything new on the HA GUI. where’s the button to add a sensor?

There is no button to add a sensor, everything is added through mqtt auto-discovery.

Does the sensor exist in Developer Tools / States ?

Go to configuration > integrations > MQTT, click CONFIGURE, then RE-CONFIGURE MQTT, then NEXT and make sure “Enable discovery” is selected. I think it’s disabled by default.

While you’re at it, make sure both “birth message retain” and “will message retain” are checked. Those are disabled by default which is strange.