Installation of Home Assistant Operating System on old pc

Hello and sorry if this is a stupid question but I want to install HA OS on my old Intel i5 desktop system - no VMs, not any other underlying OS. Is this possible? Which instructions do I have to follow?

Is it the Intel NUC ones? Unfortunately I cant experiment with the different installations since I need to be sure it ll be a working solution, so any help is greatly appreciated.
Thank you
ps I m planing on using multiple ‘heavy’ add-ons on it and thats why I d like the additional processing power.

I have done this a number of times. Use the NUC image. An intel based system (CPU, NICs) will help with compatibility for the included drivers. Ive installed the NUC image on PCs from Dell, HP and Lenovo with no issue, all were intel (3rd, 4th or 8th gen i5) and I believe had intel NICs.

If that doesn’t work you can always do a supervised install and still have the add-ons. Installing Home Assistant Supervised on Debian 10

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