Installation on Qnap NAS

Hi, everyone,
I’m new here and a total beginner at Home Assistant.

I just set up the software on my QNAP NAS in Container Station.

If I now try to start Home Assistant in the browser, I should actually get to a login mask. For me, however, the mask appears according to the attached screenshot.

It is not possible to create my Smart Home products here.

Can someone help me how to proceed here.

Greetings, Michi

As explained in the sticky post this is an English language forum. Please use a translation tool if necessary.

Wie im klebrigen Beitrag erklärt, ist dies ein englischsprachiges Forum. Bitte verwenden Sie ggf. ein Übersetzungstool.

If your QNAP can do VM, and have enough RAM, I would recommend you kill the container and go VM instead.
How to install HA on QNAP - #117 by ediflyer?

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