Installing HA image with docker on synology NAS

Hi all
I tried HA last year on a raspberry pi, but was not satisfied. Yesterday I tried a docker installation instead.
I added a folder for /config as in the instruction said. That worked. The instruction did not mention that one have to add the 8123/8123 IP-port translation. Otherwise its impossible to connect. I also added a port translation for SSH, in my case 3022/22. That did NOT work. It is not possible to use SSH? I have read that many uses SSH. Oh well. Even that I am the “owner”, I cannot add user account, no supervisor menu, so I cannot add “add-ons”. Moreover as soon as i logout, I cannot log in. And no, I did NOT forget my password. the Home Assistant forgot. I had o erase the content of .storage, then I could do the “onboarding” stuff again. Rather boring. So my question is> How do you install this to be able to do anything?

HA Container is not HA Supervised. Container does not come with the supervisor and therefore no add-ons store. You have to create your own containers that act as add-ons. There is no SSH to the docker container. But you can open a bash shell after you SSH into the Synology. sudo docker exec -it <container_name> /bin/bash will give you a command prompt within the container. It’s been forever since I started fresh with a docker container of HA, but I’ve always used host networking which eliminates the need for port mapping from host to the container. This allows discovery to work as well. Lastly, if for some reason stuff isn’t being saved to the config folder and causing an issue logging in, it most definitely is a permissions issue between the container and the mapped folder.

Source: I’ve been running HA Container on my Synology NAS with many other dockers for about 3 years. And some of the issues you describe, I ran into as well. The biggest issue being permissions on the mapped config folder.

Hi there! Mr squirtbnnr-san. Thank you for your very knowledgeable answer and very kind. This explain a lot, and I have not yet understood the implications for the difference between supervised and not supervised. Regarding host networking - I was lazy and used the GUI in the NAS, and did not found any way to enable host networking there. I guess I leave it as it is for a while and look for something that is not that looked down and secret as the home assistant. Anyway once more, thank you very much for explaining this to me. Most helpful

What do you mean with locked down and secret, all the code is freely available and no secret and how locked down your system is dependa on how you install it. The more locked down the system (Home Assistant OS is the most limited), the more convenient and user friendly it gets. If you want to have full control over everything you need to install Home Assistant Core in a virtualenv, but then you don’t have any add-ons, supervisor etc. and you need to know your linux and python.
Here’s an excellent overview of the different install methods.