Installing Home Assistant on Ubuntu 18.10

Well I just copy pasted the solution. Glad it worked.

For the second request, do the following command (from inside the host, not inside the docker)
docker restart homeassistant
docker stop homeassistant

All worked up to that line (the last one).

Has something changed?

If it helps this written tutorial works flawlessly

I have used it multiple times without issue

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Found the line in the documentation.

curl -sL “” | bash -s

Also Here is the link to the documentation.

Here is the offical link

Yes, the path of the script changed sometime this year. You were responding to a post from Feb 1.

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I’ve created a guide that covers installing Home Assistant on Ubuntu Server LTS. I’ve added all the best practices I’ve come across and included steps to store the add-ons and backups onto secondary storage (to help prevent drive failures). Please let me know what you think.

There is a guide at the bottom of this post which worked perfectly for me.

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